To Be...or Not To Be

We all struggle to find and maintain our authentic self both personally and professionally. Social media has made this human reality even more challenging. Being an artist that needs to earn income from my work, I become torn between creating what feels right for my soul and what I think will sell. Design and color schemes change annually. Everyone needs to earn money, right? And then there's that social media element! Do some people have more friends, do they post their images at exactly the right time, do just the right people see that image or is their work just way better? And then there are those images that crop up that look very similar to a painting that you painted a few months ago and posted, and damn if the plagiarized copy didn't get more likes!

With so many influences and challenges swirling around our little artist heads, it seems that there has never been a better time to stay true to yourself. This is the only way that we emerge a winner. We may sell our work, or we may not, but do we really want it to look like everyone else's? Being blessed with creativity is just that...a blessing!... MAKE IT COUNT!